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Principal Consultants & Architects

Planning • Design • Management

LOCii INC is currently spearheading a number of large-scale local and international projects in the region including some of the most prestigious and landmark projects within Pakistan. They are the Principal Consultants & Architects for Com 3 Mall & Residential Towers.
Email :mail@locii.pk

Structnginural Eeering Consultants

Alliance Consultants

Alliance Consultants are one of the premier structural engineering firms of the country. They have undertaken the structural design of some of the most prestigious projects in Pakistan. They have carried out the Structural Design for the Com 3 project.
Email : alliance@cyber.net.pk

3D Animation & Visualization

Pixarch is a leading architectural visualization and animation company since 2005.They specialize in creating stunningly beautiful and incredibly realistic 3D animations. They have provided animation and visualization services for the Com 3 project.
Email : info@pixarch.net
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